Airmega 150


Pure air. Pure life.
Get a fresh burst of energy with the all-new Airmega 150


Complete your home sanctuary with fresh air


Fresh air that fits your lifestyle


Fully dry the pre-filter before inserting—a wet Pre-Filter can cause a bad odor


COWAY Airmega 150 Filters Maintenance 

How do I manage the filters in my air purifier?


The all-new Airmega 150 combines minimal design and powerful purification.

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Now, you can complete your home sanctuary with clean air. Coway’s award-winning, industrial-strength engineering can now be found in the minimally-designed, 18.5” tall Airmega 150. With 214 square feet of coverage and all the advanced functionality for which Coway is renowned, the Airmega 150 is an affordable way to complete your home sanctuary. #airpurifier #airmega #truehepa