How do I manage the filters in my air purifier?


Check out what clean Pre-filter can do for you

You won’t believe how much a clean pre-filter can transform the power of your purifier. The Airmega 150 is engineered with an EZ Release filter so you can wash, quick dry, and replace the filter with ease. Unique Coway filtration system helps eliminate ultra-fine dust and odors.
Pre-Filter ━ Capture s large dust particles, pet hair, and other contaminants.

Deodorization filter ━ Reduces odor and harmful gases

Green True HEPA Filter ━ Traps and captures particles and dust down to less than 0.3 microns in size at 99.99% efficiency.
*This test is based on the HEPA filter media standard.
* Actual performance will be determined by indoor and quality and operation of the unit.


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